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Seminar Title: 100 Years of RVs in America

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A one hour power point illustrated lecture on the evolution of the industry through its first 100 years. Intended for rally and retail show consumer audiences, the 95 image program will amaze, educate, and entertain your audience on the rich and varied history of industry products. Both unit and component evolution is covered.

Seminar Title: Lets Meet the RV Pioneers

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A one hour power point illustrated lecture introducing the very earliest of RV builders. Intended for both trade and consumer audiences, this program highlights nearly 20 individuals and their companies who were designing and manufacturing RVs for resale in the years between 1910 and 1929. It provides a surprising look at the type of visionaries who produced the very start of the RV industry in the years around World War 1 and before the Great Depression. Included are the stories of a world record motorcycle racer, an aviation pioneer, a military equipment inventor/designer, a beer baron, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and a leading luxury auto manufacturer among others who built the earliest RVs.

Seminar Title: The Evolution of the Species

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A one hour educational program illustrating the development of each varied style of RV. The program includes the evolution of tent campers, travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, slide-in truck campers and motor homes. Over 100 images delineate the growth of each of the various styles of RV from its earliest days up to the present.

Seminar Title: The Amazing Growth of the RV Industry

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A 20 minute power point illustrated lecture designed for after lunch or dinner presentation at industry meetings and programs. Depicts the growth and development of industry design and technology through the years.

Seminar Title: RV History for Youth
A Special Look at RVs Through the Years

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A 30 minute program designed to provide children ages 6 and up a fun and educational introduction to the history of the RV and the outdoor RV lifestyle. Features many unique and wacky rigs produced through the years

Seminar Title: RV life in China

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A 45 minute review of the rapidly growing but very young RV lifestyle In China. The program is taken from two personal visits to participate in RV consumer events in China. In 2010, a visit to Hangzhou to speak at the largest outdoor Expo in all of Asia and to visit a community developing a huge RV resort area. In 2012 an invitation to keynote a forum at the very first national China RV rally just outside Beijing. See the style, size, and variety of RVs both imported and domestic being used in China today.

Seminar Title: Housecars and Motor Homes Thru the Years

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A 1 hour program depicting the evolution of motorized RVs from the earliest days before WWI up to current times. Evolution from the rustic Model T to luxurious Prevost conversions. Includes a section on wild and wacky versions thru the years. Over 120 photos. Designed for Motor Home Rallies.



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